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Flat bamboo nappies made form soft, woven bamboo birdseye fabric. These measure approx 80 x 80 cm when new.  Do expect some shrinkage.Birdseye fabric is a diamond textured, woven fabric. Being made from bamboo and organic cotton, these nappies are beautifully soft and silky to the touch, which makes them perfect for going right next to your little ones skin You can choose to fold these nappies as you would old fashioned flat nappies (there are almost as many ways to fold as there are babies in the world, have a play and see what works for you) and fasten with a snappi or nappy pins. Alternatively, you can pad fold, into a rectangle and place directly into a nappy cover and fastening it around your baby, simple and quick. You can even use it as an insert or booster in a pocket or all in one nappy.These are also suitable as wraps, burp cloths and many other uses around the home!

Bamboo/Organic cotton Flat Nappy - single

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