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Compost-Zing is an eco-friendly mixture of plant-based by-products, enriched with beneficial microbes. When integrated into the Zing Bokashi Compost-Zing System, it catalyses the fermentation of organic matter. Get a  1kg bag and revolutionize your composting routine today.

Zing Bokashi’s composting system ferments your kitchen waste using an easy and cost-effective process. Compost Zing is a unique New Zealand made product created to transform your food waste into organic nutrient rich soil conditioner. It contains plant by-products and beneficial microbes.


Benefits of Compost Zing:

  • Reduces composting processing time by up to 50%
  • Reusing wastes reduces your environmental footprint
  • Easy to use with minimal odour
  • Enriches your soil and boosts healthy plant growth
  • Use for both vegetable and flower gardens
  • 100% natural and New Zealand-made
  • Reduces the need for chemicals with continued use


Compost Zing - 1kg bag

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