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BioGro Certified Organic


Native Neem Organic Neem Tree Granules have been used as a natural insecticide for thousands of years. This is a natural and organic product that prevents and kills nasty insects in the garden. If used at 4-6 weekly intervals you will very rarely need to use any other sprays. Good for all soils, all crops, and all seasons. It works primarily by increasing the humus content of the soil. It is an all-purpose organic soil conditioner, ideal for low organic matter soils. Native Neem organic certified tree granules are the residue left from the first extraction process after the kernels of the seeds are crushed to extract the oil.


Contains Organic and Natural ingredients:

  • Crushed Neem seed kernels

Store in a cool dry place away from sunlight.


Description, Benefits & UsageBenefits:

The neem granules should be added to the soil at planting time. Alternatively, it should be applied to the ground surface well before insects that attack your plants are about.

 New Plants: Apply a handful of granules to the planting hole at a depth of15-20cm, mix into the soil, then sprinkle another handful of granules on top of the soil around the plants                       Established Plants: 50 -80 grams per square meter, lightly raked around the plants.

Store at room temperature in dry and dark conditions. Harmless to earthworms·      


 Note:  It is common to see white mould (mold) on granules when not covered with soil. This is a natural breakdown process and it will not harm your plant. 

Native Neem - Organic Neem Tree Granuels 500 gm

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