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BioGro certified organic 

Contains: Organic and Natural ingredients:

Seaweed (Ascophyllum nodosum) extract

Additives derived from the vegetable origin



Native Neem Natural Seaweed Tonic provides the full range of trace elements and growth stimulation in the form that plants can absorb directly through their leaves. It is an effective method for correcting soil deficiencies and overcoming the soil’s inability to transfer nutrients to the plant. Seaweed after fermentation releases enormous energy in the form of soluble nutrients and provides nutritional support to the plant at all stages in the crop life cycle. 


Spray on lawns, flowers, and vegetables to be treated.


Foliar application: Add 3ml to 5ml of Native Neem Liquid Fertiliser to 1 Litre of water and use for spraying. 

It is compatible with most pesticides available on the market.

Basal application: 1000ml of Native Neem Liquid Fertiliser is recommended for an acre (0.404 hectares) through the irrigation system. 

It is compatible with many fertilizers and micro-nutrients. 

Spray on fruits, leaves, and soil every 7-14 days.

Native Neem - Organic Seaweed Tonic Liquid Fertiliser - 250 ml

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