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Native Neem Organic Neem Pet Spray is for use on pet animals and can assist dogs and cats with soothing minor skin irritation and inflammation. 

It is produced using natural emulsifiers, no synthetic colours, fragrances, or preservatives are used, making it chemical-free and safe for your pet.

Contains Organic and Natural ingredients:

Cold pressed Neem oil (Azadirachta Indica)

Pure Essential Oil

Plant-based Emulsifier 


This product is ACVM New Zealand exempted.

Store in a cool dry place away from sunlight.

Benefits & Usage

Neem is a natural tonic for your pet's skin and fur, providing a lustrous problem-free coat. it is very effective and safe for use on puppies, and kittens and safe for children handling pets. Native Neem organic neem pet spray is made with certified organic Neem oil and produced using natural emulsifiers, making it chemical-free. No synthetic colours fragrances or preservatives are used. Made with certified organic ingredients. It's a great soothing agent for pets to alleviate skin irritation and inflammation. Unless it is a full-blown flea infestation, you may have good results by using this gentler and safer method for flea eradication and control Gentle and soft for your Sensitive PetBioGro Certified Organic



Native Neem - Pet Spray - 125 ml

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