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Poultry Zing is a feed supplement containing organic ingredients with natural micro-organisms to boost the nutritional value of the usual daily feed for chickens. By adding Poultry Zing to chicken feed, you will increase the beneficial properties of the feed and improve the quality of the eggs/meat produced.


Benefits of Poultry Zing:


  • Enhances the digestion and conversion of the feed
  • Boosts intestinal microflora
  • Provides disease resistance
  • Reduces odour and breakdown of faecal matter



Add to daily feed ration Chickens- 1%of daily feed –up to 1-2gms per bird per day

Layers/Broilers-3% of daily feed-approx 5gms per day
Consult your Vet for any animal health issues.

Nutritional analysis:
Nitrogen % 2.5
Dry Matter % 91.3
Crude Protein %15.9
Ash %10.2
Soluble Sugar % 0.8
Crude Fat % 2.7
Digestability Of Dry Matter % 76.3
Metabolisable Energy % 11.3

Poultry ZIng

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