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Our Team

Mother and Daughter team, Linda and Danielle are the friendly faces you will see when you come into Simply Eco.


Danielle Guise

Shop Manager


website carer

Hi, Im Danielle and I am the shop Owner, manager, purchaser and website carer here at Simply Eco. I live rural in Mid Canterbury with my husband and I have two children (who are now adults) and one beautiful grandson.


I care about our environment and what we are putting into our bodies and love natural, reusable and eco friendly products, so if I can help you make a decision don't hesitate to contact me,

Linda Blackmoore


Embroidery services

Store work

Linda is my mum. She has helped me hugely in setting up Simply Eco from scratch and I so grateful to her for that. She is behind the scenes in Accounts and works in the shop when I am not here.

She has also set up her Embroidery machine and LindyB's Embroidery runs from the shop also. She is the one you come to if you are wanting personal or business embroidery, printed ribbon or heat press.


Warren Guise

Market helper

This is my husband Warren.  He is not just a market helper he is a all round good supporter and helper at Simply Eco.


I am so grateful for his support. love and encouragement throughout our journey of creating Simply Eco 

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