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Pocket Nappy

  • Pocket nappies are made up of a waterproof outer, a stay dry inner and a big pocket to stuff with absorbent fabric

  • They are easy to use, being similar in shape to a disposable nappy, and with plastic poppers or Velcro.

  • It is easy to add extra padding or boosters to pocket nappies, to make them more absorbent

  • They tend to dry quickly as the absorbent insert separates from the shell or outer of the nappy


  • All-in-one nappies are similar in shape to pocket nappies, but have the absorbent fabric built in.

  • They may be slightly less reliable and may take longer to dry, but are a very easy to use option.

  • It is usually harder to add extra absorbance to all-in-one cloth nappy types.

Snap in - all in two

  • All-in-two cloth nappy types are also known as snap in two or snap in nappies.

  • These cloth nappy types tend to have an absorbent layer that fastens into the nappy with snaps

  • They are generally quicker drying that all in one nappies, as the absorbency separates out.

 Pre-fold nappies

  • Pre-folds nappies, are flat squares, which are folded into pads and placed into shaped over-naps or wraps.

  • The nappies have been 'pre-folded' and then sewn to give a thicker area through the centre.

  • You don't have to change the whole nappy at every change, just the inner.

  • They tend to be a cheaper alternative, and are most like the types of nappies your parents used.

  •  They are a great option for new-born babies as they are quick drying and you only need a few outer.

  Fitted Nappy

  • Shaped two piece cloth Nappy made up of a shaped absorbent inner nappy, and a separate waterproof wrap

  • They are probably one of the most reliable nappy types available, although they take slightly more effort that a pocket nappy.

  • They can be ideal for night-time use.

  • These nappies tend to be bulkier than many of the other cloth nappy types that are available

Thanks to the Nappy Lady for use of the photo

Types of Reusable nappies that we stock

Bum Rarpz one-size-fits-most minky cloth nappies.

The Bum Rarpz minky nappies have a lush fluffy outer with a waterproof laminate backing. The snuggly stay-dry microfleece inner lining wicks moisture away and into the hidden bamboo and organic cotton soaker.

Bum Rarpz cloth nappies are a pocket style so you can adjust the absorbency to suit you. Just place a Bum Rarpz bamboo trifold soaker (included) into the double elastic pocket opening at the back. Use one bamboo soaker in a day nappy for 3-4 hours, or double up soakers for overnight use. Rarpz bamboo soakers are 6 layers when folded giving you more absorbency than microfiber or cotton alone.

Bum Rarpz cloth nappy shells have a rise dome system so you can fit on your baby from 8lb to 37lb. That’s birth to potty. This system also gives you the flexibility to fit the nappy to different body shapes, like tall, short, skinny, chubby, and everything in-between. Use the same Bum Rarpz cloth nappy on your baby and your toddler.

They feature a double stitched top edge to keep your inserts tucked down in the nappy shell, perfect for those tummy sleeping babies, preventing leaks out of the front and top edge. The reinforced closure tabs give you strength and extra waterproofing. The extra snap on the right hand tab is for the extra small fit on you new-born baby’s waist and to close a soiled nappy up while you are out and about, keeping everything contained.

The cotton in our soakers is certified organic. Bum Rarpz snaps are quality KAM snaps with Oeko-tex 100 certification. Rarpz minky fabrics are hand selected and custom laminated just for us. We only choose the lushest fabrics from quality fabric manufacturers holding Oeko-Tex 100 certificates.

Each nappy comes with washing instructions and the Rarpz warranty.

Bum Rarpz, quality nappies that go the distance

Cherub tree

Easy to use, one size fits all pocket nappy that comes with one microfibre insert and one hemp insert. The outer nappy shell is a laminated waterproof fabric and has a swade cloth polyester stay dry liner. This keeps baby dry and the inserts absorb the moisture. Newborns need only one insert and as baby grows you may need to use two inserts. These nappies are available with dome fasteners or Velcro. Remember if you have Velcro fasteners to either do up the nappy and turn inside out for washing or add a bit of Velcro to stop the Velcro grabbing the nappy while in the wash.

Available in White, Red, Rose, Light Blue, Black, Lemon, Royal Blue and Limited Edition Cow Print (Moo Print).

Cherub Tree nappies are a One Size Fits All (OSFA) fitting from 4 to 17 kilos. The rows of snaps at the front of the nappy are for adjusting the rise enabling the nappy to be changed to small, medium and large.

If your baby is very small (newborn and between 3-5 kilos) and you are finding the nappy seems to big – it may be a case of having to wait for your baby to put on a little weight. Lots of little babies have very slim legs and while Cherub Tree nappies do adjust to fit very small babies – they may be a little big on very small babies.

If you are finding the legs too big on bigger babies - you may need to go back to the size smaller.

If you are finding the leg holes too tight (leaving red marks on your baby’s legs) it is time to change your nappy to the next size up.

When fitting the nappy to your baby, ensure that the legs and waist are firm, but not tight on your baby

Charlie Banana

Charlie Banana One Size nappies are an easily adjustable pocket nappy, fitting from newborn right up to a 16 kg toddler. They come with two super-absorbent microfibre inserts – one in small size and one in medium/large size – use one insert or both for customisable absorption.

Charlie Banana One Size nappies are an easily adjustable pocket nappy, fitting from newborn right up to a 16 kg toddler, so you’ll get plenty of use out of these.

They have a light, waterproof outer and are lined with extra-soft, lightweight fleece to wick moisture away from baby’s delicate skin. They are a pocket nappy, meaning they have an opening at the front, creating a ‘pocket’ to stuff absorbent inserts into. They come with two super-absorbent microfibre inserts – one in small size and one in medium/large size – use one insert or both for customisable absorption.

Charlie Banana One Size nappies have easy to adjust leg elastic, similar to adjusting a bra strap, with settings for XS, S, M, and L sizes, fitting from newborn to 16 kg.

Charlie Banana new born nappies.

Many babies are very tiny at birth and it can be hard to fit a One Size nappy. That’s where Charlie Banana X-Small nappies come in. They fit from 2.3 to 4.5 kg – from prem or newborn size to about two months. They come with one super-absorbent microfibre insert.

Please visit products to view colours and price of the reusable nappies that are available.

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