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Eco friendly dental floss refills – biodegradable, sustainable and beautiful. Silk floss and activated charcoal floss for your refillable glass bottle ecofloss. Each pack contains two refills carefully packed in environmentally friendly packaging. They are packed in food grade wax paper inside the craft paper box.There are two ecofloss refill options:• Silk Floss – Fully biodegradable, pure silk with natural mint flavour and candelilla wax• Activated charcoal floss – This is a bamboo charcoal floss – it has a polyester base so remember that it is degradable, not biodegradable. This is a slightly thicker floss than you may be used to, but by crickey does it clean well due to this. It is our vegan option Each pack contains 2 refills that are 30m long.Designed in Sunny Nelson – Manufactured in China

Do gooder - refills for ecofloss – silk or activated charcoal

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