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Does your dog suffer from anxiety?

  • New environments

  • Leaving your dog at home

  • Loud noises

  • Meeting new people or pets

  • Separation anxiety

  • Car journeys


Earthen's Dog Calm Balm has been specifically created to ease those stresses - for both you & your dog.

The Calm Balm is a soothing blend of natural ingredients with a relaxing scent of Lavender & Sweet Orange to help soothe anxiety, nervousness & stress.


Directions for use - Ideally in a calm relaxed environment rub a small amount of Calm Balm onto the inside of your dogs collar (next to their fur). *Please note this could stain some materials. 

Additionally, gently massage a small amount under the dogs armpits and onto their chest area. 

Avoid their eyes. If your dog licks the balm it's safe but in a limited amount. It can take 20 minutes to have full relaxation. We recommend that you do not use more than twice a day. 


Ingredients : Kawakawa infused olive oil, Beeswax, Lavender oil, Sweet Orange oil, Chamomile infused oil, Calendula oil. 


Please note : Not Suitable for puppies under 14 weeks, pregnant/nursing dogs, or dogs that suffer from seizures. 


Earthen - Dog Calm Balm

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