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EnsoPet Starter is sprinkled on top of your pet waste and to be used in the ensopet waste composter. The micro-organisms in the EnsoPet Starter ensure a rapid breakdown of the waste. Due to this continuous cycle of composing the EnsoPet composter will take many months or may never completely fill, ensuring extended use.


EnsoPet Starter is made in New Zealand by Zing-Bokashi using a mixture of wheat, sawdust and minerals combined with a group of micro-organisms. These all-natural micro-organisms include lactic acid bacteria, yeasts, photosynthetic bacteria, actinomycetes and fungi. These micro-organisms accelerate the breakdown of the waste, eliminate smell and help remediate any pathogens in your pet waste, and ultimately contribute to a healthier soil and a more beautiful garden.


The EnsoPet Starter is sold in a 1kg bag.

Ensopet Starter

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