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Native Neem Pet Tooth Powder is the perfect solution for your pet's oral hygiene. Crafted from premium neem and natural ingredients, this tooth powder safely and effectively fights plaque, tartar, and bad breath while supporting healthy gums. With no artificial additives or harsh chemicals, it's a gentle yet powerful alternative to traditional pet toothpaste.


Baking soda, Diatomaceous earth powder, Neem leaf powder, Kawakawa leaf powder, Stevia powder.  (Certified organic and natural ingredients)


Using Native Neem Pet Tooth Powder is effortless and user-friendly: Simply sprinkle a small quantity onto your pet's toothbrush or your finger and softly brush their teeth. Its finely textured formula efficiently cleans those difficult-to-access spots, supporting fresher breath and promoting healthier teeth without causing any discomfort to your beloved pet.

Made in New Zealand 

Native Neem - Pet tooth powder - 100 gm

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