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Snazzipants pocket cloth nappy come with one reusable insert which makes it great for quick drying.  They are soft, have a waterproof outer and an aborbent insert. 
One size - Durable snaps and hook and loop closure system adjusts to fit babies from 4 to 14kg.
Snazzipants are super-comfy, unbelievably easy to use, a breeze to wash, simply throw in the machine and line or tumble-dry. One size fits most with a handy snap & velcro system that is fully adjustable. These nappies are both soft and comfortable and come in a fabulous range of patterns & colours
Fold back hook & loop system onto laundry tabs.
  Wash 3 times before use to aid absorbency.
Washing instructions:
  Shake solids into toilet.
Warm or cold machine wash (up to 40 degrees).
  Set water to a higher level. Rinsing with lots of water will help to avoid build-up of detergent and bacteria.
  Avoid bleach, brighteners & fabric softeners.
  Use very little regular detergent or zero-residue detergent. Using natural or oil-based soaps or too much detergent may leave a residue that can retain odours or cause leaks.
  Do not soak. Store in a dry bucket or a Snazzipants Nappy Pail (hang bag).
  Line dry or tumble on a low / medium heat

Snazzipants - Pocket Cloth Nappy with insert

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