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Cherub Tree one size fits All (OSFA) nappies fit most babies from approx 4 kilos through to potty trained (approx 17 kilos). Each nappy has three rows of three snaps at the front of it.  These are for adjusting the nappy from sizes small through to large.For small babies (0-6 months) you fasten the top row of snaps to the bottom row of snaps. This shortens the rise of the nappy and makes the legs smaller to help fit newborns and babies with skinny legs.For medium babies (6-12 months) you fasten the top row of snaps to the middle row of snaps. This lengthens the rise slightly and allows a little more room around the legs.For approx 12 months plus you simply leave all the rows of snaps at the front of the nappy unfastened. These are guidelines only as all babies are different.  You can leave the nappy on each setting as long as you like, just adjust the nappy as your baby grows.Each Cherub Tree OSFA nappy comes with two inserts. 3-layer Microfibre insert 3-layer hemp/cotton insert.  Microfibre is a fantastic material. It absorbs liquid fast, and helps draw moisture through the lining of the nappy into itself (helps keep your babies bottom dry). But the downside to microfibre is that while it holds a lot of fluid, it tends to work like a sponge: when it gets too full, fluid can be squeezed out. So, if your baby is sitting or lying down for long periods of time, the insert can get full and then fluid can be "squished" out and cause leaks. Hemp is a natural fibre which also has amazing absorbency qualities. Hemp can hold about as much liquid as microfibre, however it holds it differently within its fibres and it doesn't squeeze out like microfibre. The downside to hemp is that when it gets wet it tends to get quite firm, so a nappy with just hemp inserts in it can become a little hard and uncomfortable on your baby when it's full. We have chosen to mix the inserts and materials to provide a nappy with the best of both!The microfibre sits on top of the hemp, so it draws moisture quickly away from your babies bottom. Once that insert is full the hemp insert underneath will take the overflow, preventing unnecessary leaks. Because you have mostly microfibre in the nappy, it remains soft and comfortable between your babies legs (unlike a nappy full of hemp). So the combination we have chosen ensures you get maximum absorbency as well as an incredibly trim fitting nappy.

Cherub Tree Pocket Nappy {Snap Fasteners}

$20.00 Regular Price
$16.00Sale Price
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