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This jumbo sized, organic, fair trade bamboo/cotton blend is great to use as a summer wrap. It is perfect to swaddle babies in, has a lovely stretch and cute waffle texture. It is a natural fibre that breathes and keeps baby warm when it is cool and cool when it is warm. Jumbo 127x127cm – ideal from birth until approx 12 months, makes a wonderful cot blanket also.  This  baby Jumbo Swaddle is perfect to use as a summer wrap for your baby from newborn right through until your baby no longer wants to be swaddled. They are a very generous 127 x 127cm (50 inches) . Our Jumbo swaddles are the largest of their type on the market and they have a professionally hemmed edge to ensure they will last very well. Bamboo/cotton Fibre is naturally breathable and regulates heat and moisture. Organic Bamboo Jumbo Swaddles are beautifully soft and able to keep your baby warm in winter and cool in summer. Bamboo is hard wearing while being very light, and it wicks away moisture before it feels damp, keeping baby dry making it ideal for wrapping in both hot and cool weather.

Jumbo Bamboo Swaddle | Bamboo Wrap, white

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