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Use this wooden flower and plant press to press and dry your favourite flowers and plants to keep forever. Create beautiful pictures, cards, book marks using your pressed items.



Collect the pants you wish to press, naturally flat faced items are best (like pansy) Select items free from blemishes and rain or dew.

Open the flower press and remove the cardboard layers except the bottom one.  Lay the plants flat between the white card then between the brown card.  Distribute items evenly thoughout the press to ensure even pressing.

Close the flower press and firmly thighten the hand screws.  Leave for 7-10 Days

When items are ready to be re4moved, carefully life each item as sticking to the card is common.  Tweezetrs are good for this.

Not suitable for children under 36 months due to small parts.

Wooden Flower and Plant Press

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